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at LIFE Centre, Bradford
on Saturday 14 October, 2017, doors open 9:15

Speaker – Agnes Brough

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Main Talks

  1. 1. Session 1

    Agnes Brough

  2. 2. Session 2

    Agnes Brough


  1. 1. How to: Reading the Bible with children

    Catherine Cooper

  2. 2. Longings and Lament

    Sonia Crossley

  3. 3. Reaching women in a feminist world

    Karen Soole

  4. 4. How to: leading evangelistic 121s

    Felicity Carswell

  5. 5. Reaching the unreached people of the world

    Pamela Dudgeon

  6. 6. The joy set before us

    Agnes Brough

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Session 1


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Seminar 1




Seminar 2


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Session 2




Agnes Brough

Agnes was born and brought up in Scotland and came to faith in Christ through the teaching of her parents and the example of her older brother. Studies and work lured her to the deep south - mainly London - for a LONG time but she eventually moved back to Scotland to join the staff of the Tron Church in Glasgow. Her job there, which is both hard work and a joy, is to teach Jesus from the Scriptures to children and young people (and some students) and to equip other people to do the same. In her spare time she sings in a choir and does the odd crossword.


  1. How To: Reading the Bible with Children


    We want our children to grow up knowing and loving Jesus through his word, but how can we best encourage them in this? How do things change as children get older - or just for different kinds of children? Come and hear a panel of women discussing their own experiences in reading the Bible with children, and reflecting on the highs and lows of this challenging task.

    Catherine Cooper and panel

  2. Reaching Women in a Feminist World


    We know that God is good for women but the bible can seem out of step with todays independent woman. How can we communicate the enormity of God’s love for women to those who think the bible is sexist?

    Karen Soole

  3. Longings and Lament


    Understanding our experience of emptiness and learning to treasure Christ in the void.

    Sonia Crossley

  4. Teenage Stream – Following Jesus: How to Choose His Way


    Going to school, moving onto college, making friends, keeping friends, Instagramming through life…and there’s so much more to being a teenager. Come and explore with other teenagers what it means to follow Jesus and think through what that looks like as we live out our faith in every aspect of our lives.

    Hannah Peace

  5. How To: Leading Evangelistic 121s


    Opening up the Bible with Unbelievers – In our biblically illiterate society, most people wouldn’t turn to the Bible to work out what they think about God, life and where we are all headed. Come and see how to read the Bible with an unbeliever and so see God wonderfully work through His word.


  6. Reaching The Unreached People of the World


    There is plenty to do: 2.8 billion people remain not just lost but, unless someone goes to tell them, the likelihood is that they will live and die without ever hearing the Good News in a way that they can understand. Pamela will talk about the work of Platform 67 which seeks to equip, encourage and enable excellent, locally-led, Gospel work by those already on the frontlines and help us learn what part we can play in world mission.

    Pamela Dudgeon

  7. The Joy Set Before us


    We deprive ourselves of comfort and help when we avoid thinking about death and eternity. Christians have nothing to fear and MUCH to look forward to – so let’s do our souls good and dig into the encouragement of Scripture and look up and look ahead. This seminar will help us to look forward to the new creation – filling our minds and hearts with the joy set before us to strengthen us to run the race before us.

    Agnes Brough