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at Armitage Centre, Manchester
on Saturday 10 October, 2009

Speaker – Di Warren

Main Talks

  1. 1. UNASHAMED of the gospel

    Romans 1:7-17

    Di Warren

  2. 2. UNASHAMED of suffering for the gospel

    2 Timothy 1

    Di Warren


  1. 1. Serving Christ as a Christian Parent

    Liz Cox

  2. 2. Serving Christ with confidence in my true identity

    Anna McCracken

  3. 3. Unashamed to defend the gospel

    Julia Marsden

  4. 4. Unashamed to tell your story

    Zoe Earnshaw

  5. 5. Serving Christ as a single person

    Andrea Trevenna

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Di Warren

Plus Liz Cox, Anna McCracken, Julia Marsden, Zoe Earnshaw & Andrea Trevenna