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From Chaos to Splendour

at Armitage Centre, Manchester
on Saturday 11 October, 2008

Speaker – Carrie Sandom

Main Talks

  1. 1. The sovereignty of God in the life of the believer

    Ruth 1

    Carrie Sandom

  2. 2. The providence of God in the life of the believer

    Ruth 2-4

    Carrie Sandom


  1. 1. Purity: How can we strive for sexual purity?

    Linda Marshall

  2. 2. Hospitality: How can we practice hospitality?

    Jane Tooher

  3. 3. Personal Bible Reading & Prayer: How can we engage with God on our own?

    Alice Buckley

  4. 4. Childlessness: How do we face childlessness?

    Ellie Margeson

  5. 5. Culture: How can we understand and engage with the culture we live in?

    Jo Mackenzie

  6. 6. Evangelism: How can we witness in the workplace?

    Paula Love

  7. 7. Marriage: How can we practice godliness in marriage?

    Julia Marsden

  8. 8. Women’s Ministry in church: How can women minister in the local church?

    Claire Mason

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Carrie Sandom

Plus Linda Marshall, Jane Tooher, Alice Buckley, Ellie Margeson, Sue McGowan, Jo Mackenzie, Paula Love, Julia Marsden & Claire Mason