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Life Away From Home

A Journey in 1 Peter

at Stockton Baptist Church, Stockton-on-Tees
on Saturday 8 February, 2020, doors open 9:15

Speaker – Karen Soole

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Karen Soole

Karen Soole is the women’s worker at Trinity Church, Lancaster and the chair of the Northern Women’s Convention. She helps out on the North West Ministry Training course and supports women’s ministry in the region. She is the author of ‘Unleash the Word’ a book on how to do small group bible studies. Karen is married to Martin and mother to four now grown children. She enjoys the great Northern outdoors and the quiet of indoors watching films and reading.


  1. Secure in Singleness

    Anne Witten

    Singleness can come with many pressures but is often ignored or feared in our churches. Is it possible to be single and not experience loneliness?

    Anne has worked through many issues regarding sexuality and singleness and now works part-time for Living Out.

  2. Life in a Gender Confused World

    Karen Soole

    It used to be so simple, we all understood what gender was. Now whether we like it or not our traditional view is being challenged. But what is gender? How does it relate to our identity in Christ and understanding of God’s purposes? How does a clear understanding of gender equip us to speak of Christ to a gender-confused world?

  3. Encouragement for Life

    Rosy Redfearn

    We are strengthened in Christ by reading his word. So what better thing can we do than read it with someone else?

    Rosy is the student worker at Jesmond Parish Church and reads the Bible one to one with many women. She will show us how we can read the book of 1 Peter with someone else to help one another stand secure in Christ in an uncertain world.