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Now I See

John 9

at Wesley Centre, Harrogate, Harrogate
on Saturday 10 November, 2018 at 10:00 (East) or

at All Saints, Preston, Preston
on Saturday 17 November, 2018 at 10:00 (West)

Speaker – Liz Cox

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PLEASE NOTE: Due to high demand we won’t be selling tickets on the day. Also, we are no longer taking seminar bookings. We apologies for this change but it will now be first come first serve on the day.

The Northern Women’s Convention was set up to encourage Christian women across the region to live for Christ. It is a day when we can meet with other like-minded women, sing praises to our Lord, be refreshed and fed from His word. This year we are holding two consecutive conventions in the North-West and North-East to enable even more women to come!

In our main talks Liz Cox is coming to teach us from John ch.9 about the light that Jesus brings into our dark, blind world. Liz has great gifts both in understanding the bible and teaching it in a down-to-earth easy to listen to way. And once again we will have a range of seminars for you to choose from with a dedicated stream for teenage girls over the age of 14. In our seminars we will have the chance to equip ourselves to handle God’s word better, to grapple with how to keep going in the face of difficult circumstances, and to encourage each other to serve in the various places in which we find ourselves. It is going to be a full day! I’m very excited by all the great teaching we have lined up. There will also be a huge bookstall from 10ofthose, so you can take a bit of the convention home with you.

We hope and pray that you will come and join us in the North-East or the North-West. Why not bring some friends with you to hear the good news about Jesus? Looking forward to seeing you in November!

Karen Soole & the Northern Women’s Convention Committee

Lunch: Please bring your own packed lunch to eat in the hall or seminar rooms. Refreshments will be provided during morning and afternoon breaks. MMM coffee will also be joining us at our North West venue [Preston] for you to buy hot drinks on arrival and throughout the day.


Wesley Centre, Harrogate, Harrogate (East)

Saturday 10 November, 2018

All Saints, Preston, Preston (West)

Saturday 17 November, 2018


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Seminar 1




Singing in Main Meeting Room


Seminar 2


Afternoon Break


Session 2





Liz Cox

Liz Cox works as the Minister for Women and Community at St Giles' Derby. She moved to Derby from Sydney, Australia in 2004 with her husband David and their three children Rachel, Olivia and Jordan. Since then their family has expanded to include two sons in law, twin grandchildren and a cat. Liz likes drinking tea, watching films and series, cooking and eating out. Most of all she enjoys talking, and especially talking about the Bible.


* No wheelchair access in Preston

  1. ‘Living for Jesus’ – Youth Seminar*

    This seminar stream is just for teenagers, where informally we will chat about what we have learnt in the main talks and apply it to our lives.

  2. Session 1: The Trinity

    The glorious truth that God is Trinity is at the heart of who God is. We will be having a think about God as the eternal Father, Son and Spirit before considering some profound implications for us as His people.

  3. Session 1: Quieting the deafening noise of doubt

    Woven through the Bible are quiet mumblings of doubt which occasionally turn into deafening roars in the lives of some of God’s most faithful followers. As doubters in remission, we will spend some time thinking about making the most of our seasons of doubt, resting in the tenderness of the Father towards those who doubt and considering some practical suggestions for when people we know are grappling with it.

  4. Session 1: Living with childlessness*

    How do we address the pain and think biblically when facing childlessness and infertility? Speaking from her own personal experience Sue McGowan has learnt that we are not immune from problems and we grow as Christians as a result of them. Most importantly, no matter how awful and difficult it seems, God is in control of what is happening to us, even when we most definitely are not.

  5. Session 2: Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament

    Jesus said the Old Testament was about him but when we read it that can seem hard to believe! Large parts of the Old Testament seem foggy to us. How can we discover Jesus in its pages? And why does it matter that we do?

  6. Session 2: Meditating on the Word*

    We sometimes reach a point in life where we are desperate to hear God’s voice. We are parched and thirsty to drink of living water. We long to run to our Heavenly Father for comfort. How would it be if we could gaze on that Father’s face, know him deeply and come away changed? Take this hour to put the world aside, dwell in God’s presence and learn to listen to his voice by his word.

  7. Session 2: Being Godly in the workplace

    Whether it is full-time or part-time, classroom or hospital, office based or working from home, how can we best serve Jesus in our workplace? Hear from 4 women who love the Lord, understand the challenges and are working on the answers.