The Lord Our Rock

Trusting God in a Stormy World

at Cornerstone Church, Nottingham
on Saturday 5 October, 2019, doors open 9:15 (East) or

at Renewal Conference Centre, Solihull
on Saturday 12 October, 2019 (West)

Speaker – Hannah Fox


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Doors Open


Welcome & Session 1

Hannah’s Prayer: 1 Samuel 2


Morning Break


Morning Seminars




Singing in the main hall


Afternoon Seminars


Afternoon Break


Session 2

David’s Prayer: 2 Samuel 22





Hannah Fox

Hannah comes from the beautiful south coast of Cornwall but has lived in the beautiful North West of England for 12 years. She loves spending time in God’s word with women in her church family, and spending time with friends, family and her various godchildren. She is rarely happier than when she is up a mountain or in a boat!


Our seminars will encourage women of all ages & stages to trust in the Lord & to live in the light of His promises to us. Choose two out of the five seminars on offer and we will schedule them so you can attend both. Once again there will be a seminar track over both sessions for women aged 14 - 17.

  1. Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament

    Karen Soole

    When Jesus explained to His disciples what the Bible said about Himself, He was using the whole Old Testament. Yet for many people today, the Old Testament is confusing & some people avoid it altogether! This seminar will help us know how to read the Old Testament for ourselves & to see what Jesus saw: that it’s about Him!

  2. Speaking to God in the Storms

    Matt Searles

    The Psalms & prayers in the Bible are full of joy & sorrow; praise & lament; thanks & questions. When life is stormy, how can we speak to God? In this seminar we will hear from the Bible writers and others how they spoke to God & how He answered.

  3. What does the Bible say about anxiety?

    Helen Thorne

    Anxiety is a major issue for many people today. Does God have anything to say to us in the Bible other than “Don’t be anxious”? How can God help us & our friends in our anxiety?

  4. Women Discipling Women

    Leonie Lucas

    Women have so much to learn from each other about following Jesus. Let’s explore how to do this more & more, informally as we get to know each other, through women of all different ages
    & stages teaching each other & through women’s ministries in church.

  5. Talking about the “good news” in a “bad news” world

    East: Rachel Bell
    West: Kirsten Birkett

    The people around us seem to be so overwhelmed by bad news - in the media & in their own lives. We feel it, too! Jesus is good news for our world but how can we get that message across as we talk to our friends ? How can we answer their questions & tell a better story about life?

  6. Youth Track

    East: Debs Hunt
    West: Rachel Tomita

    This special track will run over both seminar sessions for anyone aged 14 - 17.
    Life can be a storm at school or college when you are facing so many changes & surrounded by different ideas. Knowing the Lord, who is our Rock will make a difference - but how? Join other women your age with leaders to guide you & help you think it through.