2014 Graphic

Restore and Reform

at Derbyshire County Cricket Club Members Pavilion, Derby
on Saturday 4 October, 2014

Speaker – Carrie Sandom

Main Talks

  1. 1. The Joy of the Lord is your Strength

    Nehemiah 8

    Carrie Sandom

  2. 2. We Will Not Neglect the Word of the Lord

    Nehemiah 9-10

    Carrie Sandom


  1. 1. Sexual Purity

    Carrie Sandom

  2. 2. Spiritual Refreshment

    Liz Cox

  3. 3. Christians Under Pressure

    Agnes Brough

  4. 4. The Old Testament: Why Bother?

    Leonie Poole

  5. 5. Busy-ness as Usual

    Leonie Lucas

  6. 6. The Black Dog

    Heather Acheson & Hilary Jackson

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Carrie Sandom

Plus Liz Cox, Agnes Brough, Leonie Poole, Leonie Lucas, Heather Acheson & Hilary Jackson