2013 Graphic

Fix your eyes on Jesus

at Derbyshire County Cricket Club Members Pavilion, Derby
on Saturday 5 October, 2013

Speaker – Jodi Hinds

Main Talks

  1. 1. Fix your eyes on Jesus

    Hebrews 12:1

    Jodi Hinds

  2. 2. Fix your eyes on Jesus

    Hebrews 12:14-29

    Jodi Hinds


  1. 1. Faithful Women of the Past

    Faith Cook

  2. 2. Going the distance in relationships

    Liz Cox

  3. 3. Living with life’s disappointments

    Carole Swinburn

  4. 4. Our struggle with sin

    Leonie Dryden

  5. 5. When Christians disagree

    Karen Soole

  6. 6. Who do we really worship

    Cassie Martin

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Jodi Hinds

Plus Faith Cook, Liz Cox, Carole Swinburn, Leonie Dryden, Karen Soole & Cassie Martin