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The Ways of the Word

at Derbyshire County Cricket Club Members Pavilion, Derby
on Saturday 6 October, 2012

Speaker – Kathleen Nielson

Main Talks

  1. 1. A Book You Can Get Into - Reading the Bible For Life

    Isaiah 55:1-13

    Kathleen Nielson

  2. 2. A Story You Can Get Into - Putting Rahab in her place

    Joshua 2

    Kathleen Nielson


  1. 1. Literary Beauty In God’s Word

    Kathleen Nielson

  2. 2. Getting To Grips With God’s Word

    Leonie Dryden

  3. 3. How God Guides By His Word

    Liz Cox

  4. 4. God’s Word - Out and About

    Fiona Hamilton & Hilary Jackson

  5. 5. Reading God’s Word With Children

    Karen Soole

  6. 6. God’s Word In Song

    Alison Thomas

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Kathleen Nielson

Plus Leonie Dryden, Liz Cox, Fiona Hamilton, Hilary Jackson, Karen Soole, Alison Thomas & Andy Hutchinson