MWC 2017 header

Glorious Jesus first and last

at Cornerstone Church, Nottingham
on Saturday 7 October, 2017 (East) or

at Renewal Conference Centre, Solihull
on Saturday 14 October, 2017 (West)

Speaker – Andrea Trevenna

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We are really looking forward to the 2017 Midlands Women’s Conventions.

This year is all about Revelation Chapter 1 & 21. Revelation talks about our hope, our future and also our present reality: that we can know Glorious Jesus. Glorious Jesus is what life the universe and everything are all about: from first to last.

In our main talks, Andrea Trevenna will be teaching us from Revelation 1 & 21 and our seminars will inspire us to live for Jesus, and to help others live for Him too.

Choose two out of the five seminars on offer and we will schedule them so you can attend both. As well as wonderful teaching, we will enjoy singing, prayer and the company of other women. There will also be a huge bookstall from 10ofthose, so you can take some of the convention home with you. We hope and pray that you will come and join us in the East MWC or the West MWC.

Why not bring some friends with you to hear the good news about Jesus?
MWC is suitable for women aged 14 and above.
Refreshments will be served on arrival and in the morning and afternoon breaks.
Please bring your own packed lunch with you.

See you there!


Cornerstone Church, Nottingham (East)

Saturday 7 October, 2017

Renewal Conference Centre, Solihull (West)

Saturday 14 October, 2017


East Description West

Doors Open


Welcome & Session 1: Revelation 1


Morning Break


Morning Seminars


Singing in the main hall


Afternoon Seminars


Afternoon Break


Welcome & Session 1: Revelation 21





Andrea Trevenna

Andrea is the “Associate for Women’s Ministry” at St Nicholas church in Sevenoaks where she has served on the staff team for the past 14 years. Before she joined the staff team there she lived in Wimbledon and was a primary school teacher in Croydon. She is a regular conference speaker and also the author of “The Heart of Singleness- How to be Single and Satisfied”. She enjoys cooking, going to the theatre and spending time with her 13 godchildren.


  1. Glory in the mundane

    Here and now life can sometimes be dull and mundane yet Revelation is full of glorious pictures of God, heaven and our future life with Jesus. How can we do our everyday tasks with joy? How can we remember glorious Jesus from first to last even when life seems far from glorious?

  2. How can I read Revelation for myself?

    Have you ever wondered how on earth you could read Revelation for yourself, or even to help someone else to read and understand it? Come and find out the way this strange book works, what it means and how we can know God through reading and teaching it.

  3. Intentional conversations about Jesus

    Talking things over with a friend can be so good as it lifts our burdens and shares the load. Those conversations can also point us to Jesus and His word. Come and find out how to make your everyday conversations more intentional as you look for times when you can use your words and God’s word for good.

  4. Mission at home and away

    Amy Carmichael took in hundreds of children, rescuing them from temple prostitution and sharing Jesus with them. This year is 150 years since her birth. Today, Christian women are dedicated to sharing God’s restoring love with women in Leicester’s sex industry through the work of Saffires. Come and be inspired by hearing about mission here and now, as well as there and then.

  5. Know your enemy, Know your God

    Once we know God through Jesus … we find that we are engaged in a spiritual battle with some powerful enemies. Our culture around us is a strong influence. How can we fight against the devil’s schemes, the ways of the world and our own sinful desires that lure us away from Jesus? We need to know our enemy and know our God.