The Gospel: The Better Story

at Cornerstone Church, Nottingham
on Saturday 3 November, 2018, doors open 9:30

Speaker – Glen Scrivener & Dan Strange

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We had another excellent convention. All the talks will be available on the website. Don’t forget to put next year’s convention in the diary: The Joyful Fear of the Lord with Mike Reeves on Saturday 9th November.

Join us for a fantastic day full of inspiring teaching, heart-lifting music and encouraging stories of men’s lives transfor

Main Talks

  1. 1. The Uniqueness of the Gospel

    Glen Scrivener

  2. 2. The Goodness of the Gospel

    Glen Scrivener

  3. 3. The Relevance of the Gospel

    Dan Strange


  1. 1. Going Deeper

    Glen Scrivener

  2. 2. The gospel:The better story - Youth Stream

    Ben Putt

  3. 3. The gospel:The better story in a world of many faiths

    Andrew Chard

  4. 4. Same sex attraction and the gospel: Our better story

    Rob Wood

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Doors open


Welcome & Introduction


The Uniqueness of the Gospel (Glen Scrivener)

3000 years ago David sang, “There is none like you among the gods, O Lord, nor are there any works like yours.” (Ps 86:8). Nothing has changed. In this session we press into his unique and compelling glory that’s at the heart of the gospel.


Morning Break


The Goodness of the Gospel  (Glen Scrivener)

What we like, we share. This is true in social media because it’s true in life. If we struggle to share the gospel maybe that’s because we don’t actually like it very much. Maybe we’ve forgotten how good the good news really is. In this session we feast on the unparalleled goodness of Jesus.


Youth Stream (Ben Putt)

The mission we’re given as Christians is to get the good news of the Gospel out to the world - one of the hardest places to do that is in the school/college years. There are many barriers, but perhaps the biggest is our own failure to remember just how good the good news is. We’ll spend time in this session being reminded of how good the gospel is, why that should be our motivation to do what we can to pass it on, and how we are to do that.






Afternoon Break


The Relevance of the Gospel (Dan Strange)

The gospel of Jesus Christ both confronts and connects with the stories we tell and the scripts we follow. In our final session we will look at how, as Christians, we can offer hope in a hope-less world.




Glen Scrivener

Glen is an evangelist and Director of the charity Speak Life, whose aim is to resource Christians to reach the world with the good news of Jesus Christ. He is married to Emma and they have a daughter called Ruby.

Dan Strange

Dan is College Director and lectures in Culture, Religion, and Public Theology at Oak Hill College. He is married to Elly and they have seven children.


  1. Same sex attraction and the gospel: Our better story (Rob Wood)

    Cultural attitudes toward sexuality have changed rapidly in recent years. The cultural consensus is that the Christian vision of sex and relationships is archaic, oppressive, and damaging. In this workshop, we will seek to explore how we can graciously articulate our better, gospel centred, story as it relates to the topic of same-sex attraction.

  2. Getting Personal: Going Deeper (Glen Scrivener)

    Personal evangelism is not about turning trivial conversations into trite proclamations, it’s about going deeper — deeper with our own faith, deeper with our love for friends, and deeper in the listening we offer, the questions we pose and the stories we tell. In this workshop, learn how to be curious and compelling in one to one witness.

  3. The gospel: the better story in a world of many faiths (Andrew Chard)

    With over 4000 different faiths across the world, how can it be that the gospel still offers the better story everyone needs to hear? In this workshop we will look at scripture to find practical ways to share the gospel cross-culturally. Andrew will also discuss what he has found most fruitful in reaching people from the Muslim world.

  4. Fake Feelings: Engaging our Sentimental Culture (Dan Strange)

    Recent public responses to terror attacks, tragedies and celebrity deaths have highlighted a sticky sentimentality, seemingly immune from criticism, which continues to seep into all areas of cultural life in the UK. In this seminar we will look at what sentimentality is, why it is dangerous and how we might we respond to it from a Christian point of view.