Real Men

What does it mean to be a real man?

at Cornerstone Church, Nottingham
on Saturday 4 November, 2017, doors open 9:30 or

at 10:00

Speaker – Dai Hankey & Richard Hopkins

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We had a great time together thinking about what it means to be Real Men. All the talks and seminars are here for you to listen to and share with others. Please follow us on Facebook and hope to see you at MMC 2018.

Main Talks

  1. 1. Repenting like a man

    Psalm 51

    Dai Hankey

  2. 2. Rejoicing like a man

    Psalm 32

    Dai Hankey

  3. 3. Jesus: The real man

    Philippians 2

    Richard Hopkins


  1. 1. Suffering like a man

    Rob Gladstone

  2. 2. Stepping up like a man

    Nathan Burley

  3. 3. Bonding like a man

    Dave Bish

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Doors open


Welcome & Introduction - Leo Davison, Chair of MMC


Repenting like a Man - Dai Hankey


Morning Break


Jesus: The Real Man - Richard Hopkins






Afternoon Break


Rejoicing like a Man - Dai Hankey




Dai Hankey

Dai Hankey is a church planter in Cardiff’s inner city where he lives with his wife Michelle and their four children. Formerly a DJ and skateboarder he now prefers to write books and ride bikes. Dai leads Red Community, a Christian charity that combats human trafficking in Wales. He has also just set up Manumit, a company that trains and employs trafficking survivors as coffee roasters.

Richard Hopkins

Richard is Senior Minister at Emmanuel Church Bramcote in Nottingham. Before full-time Christian work, he was a geography teacher in a secondary school. He was born and brought up in Cambridge and attended University at Nottingham where he met Rosie, his wife. They have 2 sons and 2 labrador dogs. Richard is also chairman of the Midlands Gospel Partnership.


We have an excellent selection of seminars planned. You will need to indicate which seminar you’d like to attend when you book.

  1. Suffering like a Man

    How should we, as men, respond to suffering? Our culture expects us to ‘man up’, but how should following Jesus, rather than the culture, shape how we respond to adversity? In this seminar, we’ll consider the questions of: How are we to regard suffering? How are we to cope when it seems to destroy the things we’ve worked for, our identity, or our strength as a man? How can we live and thrive through suffering as a man of God, responding to suffering with joy rather than despair?

  2. Growing old like a Man

    How do we continue in faithful obedient service on into our senior years, when good health and energy may diminish, opportunities for service change or seem to fade, and the pressures of older age increase? In this seminar we’ll consider how growing old opens a new chapter on a life of faithful service to God and how, as we grow older as men, we can use our unique experiences, situation, opportunities and limitations to continue working and witnessing for the glory of God.

  3. Bonding like a Man

    Despite the stereotype of men being independent & self-reliant, God’s design was never for men to be on their own, or without strong and supportive bonds of friendship. In this seminar we’ll explore God’s purposes for men as we bond with others – both for our own good, and the good of the whole church.

  4. Stepping up like a Man

    Since Adam failed to step up in the garden, men have struggled to fulfil their responsibility to lead and serve as God intends. In this seminar, we’ll consider what God calls men to be and to do. We’ll look at some of the pressures men face to shy away from taking responsibility as God intends. And we’ll be given some practical help in embracing our role as men, as we step up to serve Jesus.