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All In

Living the whole of life for Christ

at Cornerstone Church, Nottingham
on Saturday 5 November, 2016, doors open 9:30

Speaker – Marcus Nodder, Neil Powell & Jonty Allcock

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Main Talks

  1. 1. All in for Christ

    Marcus Nodder

  2. 2. All in at home

    Neil Powell

  3. 3. All in at church

    Jonty Allcock

  4. 4. All in at work

    Marcus Nodder


  1. 1. Yes, but I’m not ready for that

    Marcus Nodder

  2. 2. Yes, but I’m not up for that

    Jonty Allcock

  3. 3. Yes, but I’m too busy

    Neil Powell

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Marcus Nodder

Marcus has been the senior minister at St Peter’s Barge, London’s only floating church, since 2004. He is married to Lina and they have four children – Sebastian, Reuben, Harriet, and Nelson. He studied Modern & Medieval Languages at Cambridge University, where he spent many happy hours rowing, and is also a graduate of Oak Hill Theological College.

Apart from a brief spell in banking he has worked in Christian ministry. He grew up in Manchester, but on the rare occasions he is now not in London, he can usually be found in a log cabin on an island just off Stockholm. He enjoys chopping down trees and kayaking. He lives on the Isle of Dogs and his all children go to local schools in Limehouse and Bethnal Green.

Neil Powell

Neil serves as Pastor of City Church, Birmingham. He became a Christian in 1988 whilst a student in London and has previously served with UCCF. He also serves as the co-ordinator of 2020 Birmingham, a church-planting catalyst for the city and on the steering committee of the |Midlands Gospel Partnership. Neil, who describes himself as an imperfect husband and father, is married to Jane and are proud parents to Rufus and Felix.

Jonty Allcock

Jonty grew up in a home that was (not perfect but) full of Jesus and whilst at university came to the deep conviction that what he grown up knowing was true. Jonty has recently planted The Globe Church in Central London. Before that he spent seven years training and being involved in local church ministry and then with a church plant in Enfield. Jonty is married to Linda and they have three boys.


We have an excellent selection of seminars planned. You will need to indicate which seminar you’d like to attend when you book.

  1. Yes, but I’m too busy

    Being ‘All In’ for God at home, in the workplace and church might be a great ideal, but something that is unrealistic when we throw in everything else that demands our time and attention in life. Most of us will know the pressures that come from being too busy, so how can we live ‘All In’ for God whilst juggling everything else in our busy lives? In this seminar, we’ll look at why end up so busy, the way it makes us feel and how we can realign our busy lives with God’s intentions for us.

  2. Yes, but I’m not ready for that

    Is living ‘All In’ for God for advanced Christians only? Do you feel ill-equipped to live ‘All In’ for God? Do you look at other Christians around you and think they’re doing a much better job at living for God than you could ever manage? So often in the Christian life, our commitment and service is shaped by the culture of those around us, or by our own estimation of our ability to serve. In this seminar we’ll look at how Jesus gives us a new identity and progressively transforms and eq

  3. Yes, but I’m not up for that

    Does living ‘All In’ for God sound just too much for you? Perhaps you’re quite happy with your life as it is. Perhaps, when you consider a life devoted to living ‘All In’ for God it seems too demanding, too costly, too risky and if we were completely honest, something we’re not at all up for! In this seminar we’ll consider how the gospel radically alters, not only who we live for, but what we live for and the risks, demands and costs that we’re to then embrace.

  4. Yes, but I’m no good at that

    Do you wish you could be living a life ‘All In’ for God but are held back by your track record in this area? Perhaps guilt and pain from missed opportunities and messed up relationships weigh you down. Perhaps an ongoing battle with sin means you feel insincere as you seek to live for God. Perhaps you feel the disappointment of children not believing, or failures in leading at home. Perhaps you want to live ‘All In’ for God, but reluctantly admit, you’re just no good at that. In this sem