inside & out

at The Emmanuel Centre, London
on Saturday 15 October, 2016 at 9:30 (Daylight) or

at The Emmanuel Centre, London at 15:15 (Twilight)

Speaker – Linda Allcock

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The LWC 2016 challenged us to live authentic lives through Jesus' teaching in the Sermon on the Mount. The two main talks by Linda Allcock and the seminars helped us to think through what this looks like in each of our lives and provided much food for thought.

Main Talks

  1. 1. The Heart of Authenticity - Matt 5

    Matthew 5

    Linda Allcock

  2. 2. The Secret of Authenticity - Matt 6

    Matthew 6

    Linda Allcock


  1. 1. Daring to be real...with Friends

    Joanna Jackson

  2. 2. Daring to be real...about what we Treasure

    Naomi Skull

  3. 3. Daring to be real...24/7

    Sarah Shelley

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Daylight Description Twilight

Doors Open


‘The Heart of Authenticity’ (Matt 5:1-16) - Linda Allcock








‘The Secret of Authenticity’ (Matt 6:1-18) - Linda Allcock





Linda Allcock

Linda Allcock lives in Central London with her husband Jonty, and loves working alongside him in The Globe Church. Her life is a crazy, fun mix of boys (she has three, plus Jonty!), bible teaching, hospitality, writing and feeding people.


The selection of seminars in the second session aim to address more specific issues surrounding being real. You can choose from the following options when you book. Please note that seminar 1 is only available in daylight session and seminar 5 is only available during twilight and is open to teenage girls.


  1. 24/7

    Am I the same person with people at church and with people in my home/ in the office/ at the school gates/ in the gym/... the rest of the time? This seminar will look at God’s Word and hear from other women’s experience to help us live consistently for Christ, whoever we’re with, whatever we’re doing.

  2. With God

    “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”
    Jesus spoke truthfully to his father in his hour of deepest need and this seminar will explore the freedom we have to be honest with the only one who truly knows us.

    led by Naomi Dyer

  3. With Friends

    How deep are your friendships? Do you have friends you can be truly open and honest with? What does it mean to be a genuine friend to others?
    This seminar will consider what the Bible has to say about authentic, deep and purposeful friendships, as well as how technology can aid or inhibit true friendship.

    led by Joanna Jackson

  4. About what we Treasure

    What we spend our time, money and energy on often reflects what we value the most. In this seminar we will examine what we are investing in and how to develop a heart that delights in Christ alone.

    led by Naomi Skull

  5. In a Virtual World #nofilter

    TWILIGHT ONLY - for teenage girls

    “Whether it’s Valencia or the dog filter, why do we feel the need to edit our online photos? Ever been tempted to be a filter faker? Ever looked at someone else’s photos and wished you had their life? How can we live as authentic Christians in a world that is obsessed with presenting the perfect image?”

    led by Rachel Holton