‘Busyness as usual?’

at The Emmanuel Centre, London
on Saturday 17 October, 2015 at 9:30 (Daylight) or

on Tuesday 1 December, 2015 at 15:15 (Twilight)

Speaker – Susie Leafe

We had a fantastic day at the London Women’s Convention - do listen to the talks and seminars which are available here and book 15 October 2016 in your diary!

Main Talks

  1. 1. Busy doing what? ...Busy loving

    Luke 10:25-37

    Susie Leafe

  2. 2. Busy doing what? ...Busy serving

    Luke 10:37-42

    Susie Leafe


  1. 1. When Life is Less Busy

    Jenny Brown, Tamra Brown, Deborah Kelly & Barbara Sherwood

  2. 2. Choosing Better

    Sian Baker

  3. 3. Why We Love To Be Busy

    Naomi Skull

  4. 4. Too Burned Out To Be Busy

    Dr Ruth Eardley

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Daylight Description Twilight

Doors Open


‘Busy doing what?... Busy loving’

Susie Leafe








‘Busy doing what?... Busy serving’

Susie Leafe





Susie Leafe

Susie has taught the Bible in different contexts for nearly twenty-five years. Sometimes this has been a full time job, but most of the time it’s been fitted in alongside other things including studying, teaching Geography and struggling with the politics of the Church of England (Susie is currently Director of Reform). She is married to Dan, a barrister and Bible teacher. They live in Cornwall and work all over the place.

Plus Sian Baker, Naomi Skull, Ruth Eardley, Sarah Bradley & Julie Morrow


There will be a choice of seminars in the second session so you can choose from the following options when you book. Please note that seminar 1 is only available in daylight session and seminar 5 is only available during twilight and is open to teenage girls.

  1. When life is less busy

    Daylight only. For various reasons (such as illness, retirement, unemployment, children leaving home) life sometimes becomes less busy, which may present its own challenges. Different women share what they’ve learned in such times.

  2. Choosing a better kind of busyness

    Our calendars can be so full that our times with Jesus are few and far between. How do we manage our time wisely to bring our priorities in line with His? This seminar will be lead by Sian Baker.

  3. Why we love to be busy

    This seminar, led by Naomi Skull, will explore some of the motivations behind our busyness, how they affect our attitude and behaviour and how the gospel can transform them.

  4. Too burned out to be busy

    Dr Ruth Eardley will help us consider a Christian’s response to depression, anxiety and stress.

  5. Why we love to be busy

    Twilight only – for teenage girls. Sarah Bradley is back by popular demand to help teenage girls think about how they can cope with the demands and expectations put on them by parents, teachers and friends. The seminar will look at what the Bible teaches about managing our time wisely and coping with stress?